Latin delicacies served with passion


Vegetarian burger with white and red quinoa, Gouda cheese, arugula, purple cabbage, spinach, onion with dijon mustard fresh lime and mint dressing. Served with sweet potatoes and mayo chipotle.


3 Crunchy plantain crisps. Choose between: chicken with apple, basil & ranch sauce; OR tuna with avocado, coriander, chipotle mayo & sour cream.

This Criollo delicacy comes from the ancient indigenous cuisine. In Colombia it’s called patacón, but in Venezuela and Central America it’s known as tostón - both refer to the names of coins during the colonial times.


3 Crunchy Brazilian croquettes made with chicken, tomato, and parsley with mango-chipotle sauce.

Coxinhas are the most popular street food in Brazil. Even though you can find them everywhere, its recipe changes from one region to another… but none are as “gostosa “ as here in la Barceloneta!


Homemade sweet potato or yuca fries with chipotle mayonnaise.

Yuca is the Latinoamerican potato. It is that common that they use it in idioms.


The pride of FOC: Nikkei ceviche with a raw Dorada fish marinated in lime juice, sweet potato, mango, and coriander. Simply the best.

The ancient fishermen of the Pacific used to preserve fish in acid juice. The Japanese immigrants of Peru added new flavours to this dish - thus creating the so-called ceviches Nikkei we offer.


Brazilian stew with Dorada fish, prawns, coconut milk, lime, and coriander. Accompanied with rice.


tasty Argentinian cut of tender beef, the way it should be: grilled with chimichurri sauce. Served with veggies, rice, or FOC fries.

Gauchos people from Argentina, or cowboys, lived all their lives just eating meat which is still a big part of the Argentinian diet. We offer it the way gauchos did.


The pride of Peru : with avocado, apple, cucumber, grilled tomatoes, lettuce, and beetroot hummus. With fresh dressing made with Dijon mustard, orange juice, lime juice and mint.

  • La Tequilera
    La Tequilera
  • Mojito de Vermut
    Mojito de Vermut
  • Manzana + Canela
    Manzana + Canela
  • (ES) Guayaba lima
    (ES) Guayaba lima
  • (ES) Limón albahaca
    (ES) Limón albahaca
  • (ES) Manzana jengibre
    (ES) Manzana jengibre
En FOC servimos una inmejorable selección de bebidas latinas 

FOC is a hot and spicy cafe of food and drinks from Latinoamerica.
FOC <3 LATAM (Latin America) and even though we don’t have Latin roots, our passion for it goes beyond and it is shared through travelling, friends & family.


Here in FOC, we serve typical dishes from all over LATAM, focusing on Perú, Brasil, México and Argentina.
The portions are satisfactory and are served informally, making you feel like home.

No aceptamos reservas en FOC pero te encontraremos una mesa mientras esperas tomando un drink en la barra. 


Sun – Thu 12 pm – 2:30 am
Fri- Sat    12 pm – 3:00 am